Percutaneous Discectomy Device

Surgical Approach

Contained disc herniation causing pain and pressure on the nerve root.

Initial entry : A small needle is guided into the symptomatic disc through a small incision in the skin.

Decompression : A patented device is inserted through the needle, into the disc, removing excess tissue.

Post operative Restored disc with treated herniation which may relieve symptoms.


Disk Spine-e is inserted directly. This is a procedure that reduces pressure in the patient’s disc by performing In Direct Decompression, which helps the patient to quickly return to daily life.

In order to depressurize the disc, it differentiates it from the existing Nucleoplasty products, extracts Nucleus Pulposus in the Disc through Forcep, and stably decompresses it with RF Plasma.

Debulking + Ablation

When Open Discectomy is procedure, it possibles 50% of decompression with Debulking + Ablation.

Micro Forcep

Practical Decompression is able through Micro Force Available.

Pain Reduction

Pain reduction is expected through substantial disc extraction and RF

Ablation effect, and the effect of Direct Decompression can be expected.


Product Model Overall Length Catheter Length Catheter Diameter
DISK SPINE-E DSE-100 540 mm 400 mm 2.5 mm
DSE-250 390 mm 250 mm 2.5 mm